Sunday, February 26, 2017

K-8 9-12

A seventh-day adventist school



Alumni Homecoming Weekend 

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April 22-24, 2016





Paul Negrete

Principal & CEO of K-12

"Have you ever watched how first graders greet each other on the first day of school? If you ever have the opportunity, you should treat yourself to this experience. First graders are so excited to connect once again with their friends after the long summer. You can see it in their eyes, in their smiles; you can hear it in their greetings. They are excited to share anything and everything; they want to play; they want to connect again. Like first graders, we at San Gabriel Academy share in the exuberance that comes with connecting with our friends. You are what has made and continues to make this school such an amazing place to learn. Our connection with you is our lifeline, our assurance that we can and will continue Educating for Eternity." 






Bonnie Iversen

Director of Advancement 

One of the primary goals of SGA's Department of Advancement is to communicate - to hear from you and to tell you about us. We lose touch only when the dialogue stops. Your last visit to the campus of San Gabriel Academy may have been yesterday to pick up your son or daughter who is on the way to alumni status; it may have been the day before your own graduation weekend long ago. But one thing is certain. You are still an important member of SGA's family, no matter where your post-graduation path has taken you. We invite you to communicate with us and with your former classmates so that we can establish a two-way exchange of information and ideas. Let's continue the dialogue!





Ryan Canlas

Chair of the Alumni Board 
"What does "commit" mean? What does it mean to you? In the Merriam-Webster dictionary it means "to do." To commit to something is not simply doing; it also involves following through. San Gabriel Academy is committed to providing the best Christian education possible to our young people. We are now asking that you give back to them. We are asking that you commit: 
to daily prayer for SGA and our young ones; 
to being an active part of SGA's family by volunteering to help at its events, serving on the school board, or lending support to SGA's events, teams, and groups through your attendance;
to give financially in whatever way you are able in the form of single or monthly donations or in helping a student fundraise for a chorale or mission trip or a community service endeavor.

Giving back is one of the best ways to reflect appreciation. In whatever way you choose, we invite ‚Äčyou to commit."