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San Gabriel Academy and its stakeholders (parents, board members, church members, and students) have formulated a set of carefully articulated learning tools, known as ESLRs (Expected Schoolwide Learning Results). These four goals and their accompanying explanations form the basis for overall planning of policies and procedures on campus and guide individual teachers in the development of classroom curriculum. Students are expected to take an active role in their educational program, to know the school ESLRs, and to take personal responsibility for their learning. By the time students complete the course of study at San Gabriel Academy, they will have the opportunity to become:
  • Positive, growing Christians
    • Depending upon God’s grace for their worth and security
    • Expressing and expanding their love of God
    • Tolerating differing opinions
    • Welcoming dialogue about their faith
  • Healthy, balanced individuals
    • Eating healthfully
    • Exercising appropriately
    • Appreciating a healthy environment
    • Managing stress effectively and appropriately
  • Responsible, active learners
    • Accessing information for jobs and recreation
    • Having adequate study skills for further formal education
    • Analyzing learning situations and applying appropriate tools
    • Using technology and other resources honestly
  • Caring, cooperative citizens
    • Practicing their political and civic rights and responsibilities
    • Getting involved in their school community
    • Participating in their home churches
    • Making and maintaining healthy relationships

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