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Admission of Credits
Transfer of credits. San Gabriel Academy reserves the right to review for acceptance credit from courses taken elsewhere as part of the 240 units needed for graduation. Transfer students will receive credit after evaluation of their official transcripts.

Summer course work, language school or correspondence. Current students who wish to receive credit for summer course work, language school, or correspondence classes must petition prior to taking the class. Petitions forms are available from the registrar's office.

Senior transfer students. A senior transfer student must be in attendance at SGA for the complete second semester of the senior year before a diploma can be issued by the school. He/she must also earn a minimum of thirty semester periods of credit at San Gabriel Academy and must meet the current requirements for the graduating class.

New Students. New students must complete the academic requirements for the graduating class they are entering.

Physical education.
Students are required to earn thirty units of PE credit unless physical limitations make participation impossible or inadvisable. A written statement from an attending physician must explain such conditions.
Freshmen students will enroll in PE9. Another ten units of PE must be completed by the end of the junior year. Students may petition for up to five units of off-campus PE credit taken in an instructional setting. This credit must be petitioned prior to taking the off-campus course. Verification of completion must be submitted at the end of the semester when the credit will be issued.

Private music lessons. Two units of credit for private music lessons may be received if the instructor verifies that the studetn has taken fifteen or more lessons and practiced four or more hours per week. This credit must be petitioned. Verification must be submitted by the end of the semester in which it will be awarded.

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