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Academic Program
Class load. A normal class load is thirty credits per semester (excluding physical education, music, and teacher's assistant courses). All students must register for and successfully complete a minimum of twenty units of credit per semester. More than 35 credits may be permitted in exceptional cases or when a student has an overall GPA of at least 3.25. Students wishing to take an overload must petition the Academic Standards Committee and receive approval prior to registration.

Student program changes. Students may make chagnes in their class schedule upon consulatation with the registrar and the teachers involved. A fee will be charged of program after the second week of the new semester. To add or drop any class, a student must complete a change of program voucher to be signed by a parent or guardian, advisor, and instructors involved. Students must complete the program change change and receive final approval from the registrar before attending classses on the new schedule.

Adding a class. Students will be allowed to add classes to their schedule during the first two weeks of a new semester. After that time, written permission must be obtained from the instructor of the class they wish to enter.

Class withdrawal. A student may elect to take a class on a withdraw passing (WP), withdraw failing (WF), or no credit (NC) basis. The student must indicate his/her intention to do so by the last day of the first quarter of each semester and must receive written permission from the registrar, advisor, parent, and teacher of the class.
A student asked to withdraw from a class by the instructor after the first four weeks of a semester will be given a WP or WF.
A student transferring to another school will be given the letter grade and credit that has been earned by the time of withdrawal.

Independent study. Independent study is a privilege granted to students interested in doing intensive research on a subject of their choice. Permission for independent study will not be granted for a subject area where classes are offered during the course of the reuglar school year.
Students wishing to petition independent study should approach the teacher under whose supervision they wish to study. The teacher then will submit an outline of the proposed work to be done by the student, listing the time involved and the goals to be achieved in behavioral objectives. Twenty-eight classroom and/or individualized study hours equals one credit. Students wil be required to meet with the teacher on a scheduled basis. The Academic Standards Committee will determine if credit for independent study will be approved.

Correspondence and off-campus work. Each student is expected to spend a full four years in high school. Ordinarily, summer school courses, correspondence work, and extra courses in the regular school program will be regarded as an enrichment of the student's education.
A student must obtain permission from the Academic Standards Committee before taking correspondence or off-campus courses for which they desire academic credit towards graduation. Because they are similar an under the same educational system as SGA, courses from Home Study Institute will be accepted for credit without petition. Except for unusual circumstances, students are expected to complete courses on campus that are offered in the regular school curiculum. Correspondence and off-campus courses will be counted as part of the academic load when taken during the school year.
Seniors taking correspondence courses which are needed for graduation must successfully complete this work before graduation. Official transcripts or evidence of successful completion of all work must be in the registrar's office before the student takes part in the graduation ceremonies.

Repeating a class. A student is alloed to repeat a class (if time/space allows) in order to raise the grade earned for that subject. Although the old grae will stil appear on the transcript, the new and/or higher grade will also appear and will be the one used to calculate the student's GPA.

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