International Students

International Students

"In scholarship, in physical development, in creating beauty through music and art, and in all else, strive to be excellent, for in doing so, we honor God."

6th Grade - 12th Grade    

Currently, we are using paper applications and enrollment forms for all students. The online application system will soon be an option. For now, however, the downloadable forms are listed on our website. The downloadable forms have the paperwork needed for local students, international students, and returning students. Please print the appropriate form and use the checklist provided in the application file to begin the process. Once you have completed this, please bring the application to the front office where we can begin the acceptance process.

The following documents are in the application file in the Downloable Forms section. Along with the paper applications, please submit the following documents or information to the school office:

     Step 1: Submit Forms

  • Fillable Application 2019-2020 International Application Forms.pdf
  • Medical Consent to Treatment
  • Student's school transcripts translated to English
  • Student Medical Record (Physician's Examination)
  • Health Requirement: Personal immunization record with the required California immunizations
  • International Student Sponsorship Form
  • Authorization for Adult to act as Custodial Parent - Must be notarized
  • Photographic Model Release
  • Copy of a recent bank statement translated to U.S. dollars for proof of financial viability (at least $25,000). Must be notarized or certified
  • Copy of passport
  • Pay $150.00 non-refundable Application Fee

     Step Two: 

Vice Principal of Academics will contact the applicant and conduct an interview via Skype or in person..

     Step Three:

Admission Committee will call guardian with acceptance notification.

     Step Four:

The I-20 and acceptance letter will be given to guardian after the required registration documents have been turned in, full tuition and other fees have been paid. 

     Step Five:

Upon receiving the I-20 form, immediately file the SEVIS I-901 (instructions below), and pay the SEVIS fee with the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS). This can be filed online, by mail, or by courier. 

     Step Six: 

Set up an appointment to apply for an F-1 Student Visa with your home embassy. If the student is denied a visa, the tuition will be refunded (minus application and registration fee).

     Step Seven:

Student will be given an English Placement Test when the student reports to San Gabriel Academy.

How to Apply to SEVIS online

To apply directly online, go to  or

To complete the I-901 form, you will need your I-20 and your SEVIS ID Number (this can be found on your I-20 form on the top right hand corner of the first page. It will be under the words "Student's Copy" and above the barcode). In the middle of the screen on the  website, CLICK on the middle box, "PROCEED TO I901 FORM AND PAYMENT."

Print out a receipt before you log off the website.
Allow two weeks from the time of filing and payment.

When you go to the US Consulate take four documents with you:
1.  Your Passport
2.  Your letter of acceptance from San Gabriel Academy
3.  The I-20 federal form issued by San Gabriel Academy
4.  Receipt or proof that you have filed the SEVIS I-901 fee.

At the U.S. Consulate's office, you will receive a Booking Appointment Number with a specific date and time to interview with the U.S. officials and request your Student Visa approval.

At the appointment date and time set by the U.S. Consulate, the student should present themselves for the iterview at least 30 minutes early.

If the Student Visa is denied, RE-APPLY and request another interview. Often the U.S. Government wants to know the seriousness, positive intent, and determination of the student and parents and their interest to pursue their education, Keep the Registrar of San Gabriel Academy informed of this second interview dat and time, as well as the outcome of your interview with the U.S. Consulate.