The uniform consists of:
• Top - Blue or White SGA polo shirt (from school store).
• Bottom - Plain khaki or navy twill pants (no denim, corduroy, polyester). Pants may not be jeans, cargo pants, skinny jeans, leggings, or Capri pants. Walking shorts are acceptable, NO cargo shorts.
• Girls may wear the SGA gray plaid skirt.
• Students must wear the complete designated uniform at all times (before, during, and after school) while on campus, unless otherwise directed by the faculty for special occasions.
• Students must wear uniform clothing that is not too large, too small, or too tight.
• Students are expected to wear gender appropriate clothing.
• Clothing should be neat, clean, fit appropriately and be in good repair.
• Pants, shorts, and skirts must be worn at an appropriate hip level as designed by the manufacturer.
• The hem of the skirt or shorts should be no more than 3 inches above the knee.
• Shirts must be buttoned appropriately so that modesty is maintained at all times
• Uniforms must cover all undergarments. Exception: A long sleeved shirt may be worn under the polo shirt as long as it is a school uniform color.
• Jewelry is not allowed. Students choosing to wear earrings, necklaces, spacers (clear or otherwise), rings, bracelets (including prayer beads, "cause bands," rubber bands, or other types of wrist bands), ankle bracelets, toe rings, bands, chains, etc. will have them confiscated. A parent/guardian must pick up the confiscated item from the Front Office.
• All students are required to wear shoes during the school day.
• Students are not allowed to wear flip-flop type sandals nor shoes with wheels in them. At no time are bare feet permitted on campus.
• Pajamas, trousers, sweat pants and shorts that can be seen under the uniform skirt are not acceptable.
• Headwear is not allowed in the classroom or during Chapel service.
• Hairstyles and makeup should be modest, avoiding extreme styles and colors.
• Unnatural hair colors (pink, blue, green, etc.) are not allowed.
• Visible tattoos are not allowed.
• Blankets and other bed linens are not acceptable outerwear.

Outer Garments

All outer garments (jackets, sweaters, sweatshirts, etc.) must be purchased from the school store. All students are expected to wear a uniform shirt beneath all outer garments, including sweatshirts. No other outerwear is acceptable.